Palo – Jazz

Palo - Jazz


Would you like an adjustable pillar for both kitchen and bedroom? Now we have it! It is called Pole, it can be used both in the walk-in closet and as an overlying structure, thanks to the removal of drillings on the visible parts, it has a simple and discreet design which allows for a minimalistic approach without compromises.
Pole creates a ramification that supports the various elements (wall units, shelves, accessorised bars) while always ensuring full functionality.

In the kitchen area it becomes a modern reinterpretation of the space above the worktop. In the walk-in closet, it has an aluminum alloy ceiling attachment, complete with an adjustable pin, to which it is possible to add any type of accessory: from wooden and aluminum shelves to sliding drawers, trouser-racks and coat hangers. In conclusion, you can use it in two different ways, but only one is the solution: Palo.

PALO is now available in the round version, called JAZZ.

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