In the kitchens and modern houses, the aesthetic and design are equally important as the functionality of the product. For this reason, the splashback plays today a main role when completing the kitchen block (also in any area of the house).
Stripes can be extendable, duplicated and can become a way to illuminate and support any type of accessory, adapting to any surface or by standing out by itself with its uniqueness. In other words, it’s an extruded aluminium with the option of adding a led lighting strip.

The basic composition (version 1) is placed on a work plan and comprises a seal which impedes the water to flow, there are three stripes of 12 cm and also a superior stripe of 6cm.
In the Version 2, that can also be placed on a work plan or be suspended and integrated with led lighting, all the stripes are of 13cm.
In both the version, in between one stripe and another there is a gap of 3mm in which you can put a series of useful accessories in aluminium sheets such as: shelves, towel holders, roll holders, glass holders and can holders.
On the sides the new closure caps cover all the cutting areas, making this product even more unique and elegant.

Design By Umberto Rizzato & Claudia Tavan (Studio Nearch)

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