Welcome to Ossicolor


It is hard to imagine where Matteo Cecchele and Luigi Masciocchi, the founders of Ossicolor, thought their future lay when they were starting out in the early-1970s.
What is certain, though, is that their courageous choices and their commitment to
working hard was underpinned by a dream.
For, their determination is what enabled the company to become a concrete reality,
with a way into the future mapped out, and their dream a reality.

The complementary talents of the two founders is still a key feature of the company, where production and marketing are harnessed to enhance design, and where a technological heart and mind are focused on constant innovation contribute, day after day, to reaffirm Ossicolor’s status as a state-of-the-art name in the field of aluminium components.

We know that we are part of something special: a company that has grown, and is synonymous with, the people whose energy created and continue to drive it.
We love our work and we believe that potential customers realise this when they
come to us. They are looking for quality, design and technological skills, a unique
product, that is personalised, with on-time delivery guaranteed.

We are happy to provide all of these.
And we are happier still when, the project complete, we realise that we have
contributed in some way to their success.

Roberto Masciocchi & Manuel Cecchele

From the Trentino with passion


Established in Trento, in the north-east of Italy in 1971, Ossicolor has grown by means of innovation and creativity, which translates as striving for solutions that help make products more functional, more attractive, and more cost-effective.

Ossicolor boldly goes into unexplored territory in its drive to render the everyday more convenient and more enjoyable.

Today, the company’s innovative and exclusive products, that are designed to be customized, are available in a number of countries, including Germany, France, Canada, Austria, the UK, and Spain.