Organized, Careful, Controlled… In a word: Quality


With its operations all in-house, Ossicolor keeps a constant eye on every stage of the manufacturing process. While offering standardized manufacture for even the smallest order, Ossicolor can, thanks to its automated and highly flexible production line, also satisfy the requirements of the large-scale client.

Thanks to its large number of CNC units, Ossicolor can manufacture different sizes and quantities, harnessing productive efficiency to qualitative excellence.
More, its state-of-the-art robotic confirm Ossicolor’s commitment to the highest
standards of precision, making the company a byword for reliability.


Maximum protection and perfect colours


When the manufacturing stage is complete, Ossicolor’s vast array of surface finishing options comes into play.
Mechanical cleaning is followed by polishing, to a bright or satinfinish,
to enhance both the functional and the aesthetic appeal of the finished product.

Next, the quality of Ossicolor’s anodizing and electro-colouring process ensures not only maximum protection, along with an
optimal colour finish, but also makes the finished product stand out in terms of versatility, durability, and great, good looks.


Ready right away, delivery at the double


The final stage is assembly, to include screen-printing as an option. Packaged with care, products are sent on their way in
timely fashion, ready to take on their future role as elegant details for furniture and furnishings, ensuring quality and durability, whatever the setting.